This is a re-published article from my old website
original published date: 11 March 2021

It's the first birthday of the joy of my life: KDRAMAOMO!

On 11th March 2020, I bought the domain and hosting of this blog on impulse. A year later, I still don't know what made me do it. I always idolised bloggers but never thought I wanted to or could become one...you know? It is just one of those crazy ideas that just came to me while I was on a call with my BFF and I said, "What if I made a blog?" and then proceeded to laugh about it for a month.

Then one night I got a very lovely message from a follower on Tumblr saying how much they loved my little Tumblr blog. The next day, kdramaomo was born. No plans, no vision, no idea what I was doing. I still don't, I am doing it because I love it.

I guess, the best things in life happen just like that.

A few weeks ago someone asked me if it was hard to get people to come to your blog and that was the first time I realised that I hadn't even thought of that. For me, even if one person is reading this blog it is more than enough. So for some reason, you are reading this, thank you so much *bows down in front of you like its Korean Thanksgiving day*.

What Have I Learned From My First Year of Blogging?

kdramaomo - replay 1988

I'll be honest, not a lot. I don't have any profound things to share. This still feels very new to me I am still learning.

Some days I work on my blog till 4 in the morning. Some days I feel guilty that I have not posted in a while so I avoid making direct eye contact with my drafts. And some days I find myself spending hours studying other websites just admiring the beautiful designs, fonts, and colour pallet.

I don't think I am at a point where I can say I have learned a lot since I have not seen this blog as a business but as a way for me to scream about how amazing or disappointing the drama I am watching is.

I have only learned two things so far:

  1. The technical part of blogging i.e. plugins, coding, etc is very hard. Even the smallest glitch in the system can end up in you spending weeks trying to figure out what happened. It's like a baby that keeps crying while the parent(s) run around the house trying to figure out why.
  2. I absolutely love it and I want to do this professionally.

Thoughts, Intentions, and Gratitude

kdramaomo bae suzy - start up

Kdramaomo has become the love of my life. It is my baby, my happy place. I hope I can make this a happy place for my readers as well.

A year ago when I started this blog I did it without any reason but it has given a reason to my life (lmao, the cheese in that line. Is it obvious that I am a drama lover?). I hope you see my sincerity in my writings and found my take on dramas a little useful. Thanks for being part of this roller coaster ride with me, I know I don't post more often I am still learning to be consistent with it. Thanks for tolerating me so far. I will work hard to bring more content in the future.